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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ever have those days where it seems like everything goes wrong?? I know I do, and this week has made me think A LOT about my personal and professional life... I tend to get extremely overwhelmed by my career -- could be due to the constant multiple deadline submittals to clients, numerous industry conferences to coordinate, advertising to finalize with vendors, presentations to create for internal project managers, etc. (I'm getting flustered just thinking of what all is on my weekly to-do list).
Does everyone feel this way at times?? Please tell me I'm not alone. These days, it's hard to complain when I'm busy at work because I know there are thousands (maybe millions) of people that would be ever-so-thankful for a job right now so I must keep my negativity to a minimum, but at least I have my blog as a way to write about my troubles just in the attempt to keep me sane -- for this, I am very thankful!
It's on this day, I am writing a list on here just to remind myself about how much God has blessed me...
1. I have a family that is extremely close and supportive of everything I do
2. I am healthy and keep active by working out 5 times a week (definitely my way of venting out the bad in my life-- I love my iPod mixes-haha)
3. I have a fantastic career and have some incredible work friends (Courtney, Jenn, Jacqueline- don't know what I would do without you each and everyday)
4. I am financially stable and able to support myself
5. I have a boyfriend who is truly my better half -- he is always telling me how great I am and is genuinely interested in everything I have going on... always willing to listen to me when I get down, or when I am celebrating my accomplishments
6. I get to travel to fun places and go on exciting vacations (NYC and the beach are only weeks away!!)
7. My faith -- no matter how bad of a day I am having, all I need to do is pray and God always has a solution to my problems
8. My amazing friends (and roommate expecially)... I am surrounded by the most incredible women in the world. Without them, my life wouldn't be complete and it would most certainly be a lot less entertaining
Alright, enough bickering -- I already have a smile on my face again! Sometimes, all it takes is for me to sing a song that my Mom and I always sing and I know everything is gonna be alright! Happy Wednesday... countdown til I see Best Friend in Knox, 2 days =)

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