100 Things About Me

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

While perusing through countless blogs the other day, I noticed a few bloggers had taken time to write down things that make them unique, and I wondered if I could think of 100 things about myself... of course I wanted to try it out for myself so here it goes:

1. I was named after 2 people... Natasha (after Natalie Wood, the famous movie actress- her actual name was Natasha) and my middle name is Carol (after my grandmother)
2. I am a perfectionist and like my life to be well-organized
3. I have an addiciton to Starbucks - although now I only let myself get coffee during the week and spoil myself on Sundays with a grande nonfat white chocolate mocha (no whip)
4. I could eat cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner - I love it!!
5. Summer is my favorite season.. swimming pools and laying out, eating al fresco at my favorite places, vacations to the beach, AND my birthday- what could be better??
6. I have an obsession with coats AND purses- I have way too many
7. My favorite thing to shop for growing up was school supplies- there is nothing like freshly sharpened pencils and binders to get you excited for school!!
8. I love to paint- I don't get to do it nearly enough, but when I'm stressed out, nothing relaxes me more than letting my creative juices flow
9. I am an only child... and everyone knows I definitely know how to show it =)... I can be a bit selfish at times, but slowly I have learned to share extremely well (tooting my own horn here!)10. My favorite color is green- such a happy color!
11. I keep a quote journal with all my favorite quotes- sort of a diary, but when I write thank-you notes, emails, cards, letters, etc. it's always nice to throw one in for the people I love
12. My mom are like identical twins- people ask me ALL the time if she's my sister... it's kinda scary, we talk alike, act the same, make the same gestures- yes I know, W-E-I-R-D!
13. I don't have one reret in life- I believe everything you do was a reaction to where you were at that point and it molds you into the person you are today
14. I am the most optimistic person you will ever meet- there is ALWAYS light at the end of the tunnel
15. A recent new talent I discovered was calligraphy- I have started doing invitations for my friend's weddings and I find it to be extremely therapeutic- who knew my handwriting could make me extra spending money?? =)
16. I can't wait to own a home- the money I now spend on clothes will sufficiently be put into Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware stock
17. My favorite flowers are tulips and hydrangeas
18. I am a Blackberry-aholic... I used to make fun of these people and I've officially joined the cult- it is the most addictive thing EVER invented
19. My dream job is to run an Advertising Agency in NYC- too bad I passed up my job offer, but you never know... I may make it back there one day
20. My first trip to Europe was to Spain last year- I can't wait to go back (a new trip is currently in the works for next summer- keep your fingers crossed for me PLEASE!)
21. My favorite food is pizza- pepperoni, sausage, and mushroom
22. I have been to 39 of the 50 states- not bad, huh??
23. My parent's took me to Las Vegas for my 21st birthday... oh so much fun!!
24. I love to workout - I'm a YMCA guru and doubt I will ever cancel my membership
25. People watching in the airport is one of my favorite things to do on trips... you never know what you're going to see!!
26. I don't eat anything white- mayo, sour cream, alfredo, cottage cheese, potatoes - GROSS
27. I have promised myself I will run in the Country Music 1/2 Marathon next year
28. I am obsessed with high heels- being 5'4", you rarely see me in flats
29. My weakness is my sweet tooth... I gave up desserts for Lent this year and that was the hardest thing I've ever done
30. I want a puppy (a golden retriever or silver lab to be exact)
31. My favorite movie is Love Actually
32. I have recently become obsessed with blog sites devoted to cooking and recipes
33. My blood bleeds orange- GO VOLS!!
34. My favorite singer is Britney Spears (yes, I am a teeny bopper)
35. I have been planning my wedding since I was in college... I know EXACTLY what I want
36. I have lived in Tennessee and New York
37. I can tell the make and model of cars at night just by their headlights (go ahead, try me)
38. People told me when I was little that I looked just like Shirley Temple
39. My grandparents wear matching outfits EVERYDAY (and yes, I hope to be just like them)
40. My favorite band is Incubus
41. I went skydiving for my 23rd birthday and it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life so far
42. The next country I want to visit is Italy- I am DYING to see the Coliseum in Rome
43. My nickname in college was "trash" (and no, I'm not ashamed because it's not associated with any trashy behavior)
44. I am the most competitive girl you will ever meet... everything is a competition
45. My mom and grandmother are my role models
46. I only read feminine girly books and magazines
47. My biggest pet peeves are when people don't wave thank you in traffic when you let them over and when people have extremely rude manners
48. I took dance lessons growing up from the time I was 3 until I was 14
49. I designed my sorority's tshirts in college- I have QUITE a collection
50. Halloween and Christmas are my favorite holidays


51. I never leave the house without putting on chapstick or lipgloss
52. I love spending time alone
53. One day, I hope to have 3 children (2 boys and a girl)
54. My favorite piece of jewelery is my David Yurman green amethyst ring
55. My favorite ice cream is from Marble Slab- sweet cream with strawberries and chocolate chips
56. My mom and I both collect aprons
57. I've been told my numerous people that I am a "movie buff"
58. I cheat when playing flip cup with my friends (and they all know this)
59. My favorite alcoholic drink is a gin and tonic
60. One day I hope to own my own event planning and staionery boutique
61. Both of my ex-boyfriends recently moved out of the country... hasta la vista!! =)
62. I love monogrammed EVERYTHING
63. I sing in the car everyday
64. My favorite day of the entire year is the 2nd Saturday in May - STEEPLECHASE
65. I love to shop online
66. I could never give up drinking sweet tea
67. I can recite any line from the movie Titanic- I saw it in the theater 8 times
68. I have my children's names picked out, but it's a secret so no one can steal them =)
69. I am a reality TV show junkie
70. Dresses are my favorite thing to wear
71. Out of all my friends, I am the one who always has her camera ready
72. I met my best friends in college because we were all members of Delta Gamma
73. I will never turn down a dare
74. My biggest fear is dying
75. The only fish I refuse to eat is salmon- gross
76. I almost died as a baby because of my asthma
77. I have had my heart broken once
78. I log-on to People and US Magazine everyday at work- gotta pass the time somehow
79. I have more albums than anyone I know on Facebook- I think it's around 95 now
80. My nickname as a baby/toddler was "fat tatty"
81. I love to doodle
82. I am a workout-aholic... if I don't go at least 4 to 5 times a week, I get really mad at myself
83. I recently started going to church on a weekly basis and am looking forward to joining Brentwood First United Methodist in the mext few weeks!!
84. I don't believe in love at first sight
85. I have started collecting cookbooks- I don't make a lot of the more difficult recipes in them, but I absolutely love the pictures and like to put my own twist on some of the recipes
86. I still work at my first job after college... 3 years and going strong (and believe it or not, I found the listing for my position on Nashville's Craigslist-haha)
87. My hair will NEVER (and I should probably repeat NEVER) be my natural color... think very dirty blonde- plus, I joke about going dark, but I'd probably chicken out
88. I love to sing and make up my own words to songs
89. My mom still cuts out coupons for me to use at the grocery store =)
90. I have a SLIGHT addiction to Facebook, and have now joined Twitter so watch out!!
91. I am OCD when it comes to having my closet organized
92. I hate it when people have chipped fingernail polish- it drives me crazy!!
93. Forever 21 will be the death of me... I just can't seem to stay away from that store
94. When I need "me" time, I venture to the tanning bed... not the best use for relaxation, but it makes me feel thinner- LOL
95. I have full conversations when I'm asleep (or so I've been told)
96. When I was little, I wanted to be a corporate lawyer... I'm just not that good at lying =)
97. My favorite smell is Clean Cotton
98. I love my boyfriend more than I ever thought I could love anyone... he is the most caring individual I have ever met and makes me SOOO incredibly happy- I am a very lucky girl
99. I was raised as a Democrat, but as I get older, I normally side with the Republican party
100. My boyfriend and I are on a mission to try out as many restaurants in Nashville as possible- we try out at least 1 a week... no more chain restaurants!!

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