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Thursday, May 14, 2009

As I mentioned in a previous post, this week I am visiting the gorgeous city of Denver, CO for work... they brought me out a few days earlier than the rest of the marketing team so I could train and work with a few of the newer coordinators on staff, which I was very excited about!! After being here for only 2 days, I can honestly say Denver is one of the best cities I have visited in the U.S. The people are friendly (obviously not as much as the south, though), it's clean and fun, and they've got plenty of local attractions to keep travelers entertained.
Last night, my friend Mac (who I went to college with at UT) took me to a Rockies baseball game. Talk about fun!! We actually drank at his downtown loft before the game and walked over to Coors Field where I most definitely had my fair share of hot dogs and Coors Lite, but it was well worth it... we even got to see a beautiful sunset from our 1st base seats- definitely a night to remember
And obviously since it's almost summer, there won't be any snowboarding taking place this trip, but I'm hoping to come back in the fall so I can partake in the snow bunny fun =) For you who have never ventured out west, I highly recommend it- I've gone out to the mountains before and it is something everyone should see- its truly breathtaking... Even better, Southwest offers a nonstop flight from Nashville so it only took me 2 hours to get here!! And the absolute best part- there's no humidity and I've been told by several people that Denver has more sun per year than Honolulu...300 days a year to be exact!!Save your money and get out here ASAP


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