The Fraternity Bonaroo... AKA Steeplechase

Monday, May 18, 2009

This post will most definitely be more or less a picture-post, but I wanted to put up (since I promised) a few pics from our Steeplechase celebration last weekend here in Nashville... oh what fun we had! The mud was ALL around us (to say the least), but we made the best of it and the rain decided to leave the Nashville area early in the morning so we could enjoy some much-needed sunshine (since we've had nonstop rain in TN the past 2 weeks-grrr!). Another year down in the books - and note to self, my boyfriend's last minute decision to pick up astro turf was the best decision he's ever made... definitely a clutch idea and saved our tailgating spot from looking like a mud pit like everyone else's!! Can't wait til next year to do it all over again- countdown is on!!

Me and Jeffrey at Steeplechase- His Very 1st Time!!
Me and Candice- Ready for DRUNK PINEAPPLE!

Ladies Looking Good... Candice, Bev, Me, and Rachel

Jello Shots All Around- Burke, Me, and Johnson
Good Looking Boys... Jeff, Ryan, and Christian

Power Couple!! =)
The Rain Won't Keep Us Away!!
A Bunch of TYPICALS Running Around!!

Me and My Auburn Friends!!

My Dad (the greatest) for Coming to Pick Us Up- Yay for SOBER DRIVERS!!

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