A Brand New Tradiiton

Friday, May 29, 2009

This post is going out there to all my blog readers because I am in desperate need of help! I'll fill you in on the details first, and then comes the tricky part...
OK, so my boyfriend and I were talking a few weeks ago about how we wanted to start having a weekly night that is strictly reserved for "us" time - not being bothered by work or going out as a group (as much as we love that) or having to rush to get our daily chores completed, but a REAL date night. With that being said, we laid some ground rules... in other words, we wanted to make it fun and original so we thought we'd set monetary limits on how much we could spend. Last night, we drew the different increments and (lucky me or so I think), I drew the $25 and the $10 dates (poor Jeff drew the $50 and $75 and he already planned the $100 date for tonight- I told him he probably shouldn't waste his money on the lottery anytime soon).

With that being said, next Friday it's my turn and I am choosing the $25 date first - I have some ideas that I am throwing around in my head, but I definitely want my date to be really out-of-the-box and creative and I want it to be special even though I can't spend a lot.

So here's the second part of the post... WHO HAS ANY IDEAS?? Have any of you done this type of thing before? I am really wanting to surprise him and do something that truly speaks to Nashviille and hopefully make it something neither of us have done before. Let me know your thoughts PLEASE!!
And yes, I have no idea where we are going tonight... it's a complete surprise and I can't wait to find out- the only clue I was given is to wear a dress and heels- hmmm, rather specific aren't we??

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  1. Go bowling - I love competing against Brian, its something I can actually beat him in. Is that bad? :) And it is fun with just the two of you, we go a lot.