It's Miller Time

Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's Thursday afternoon at 3:00 and I'm sitting here in my office at work-trust me, I have plenty of things that should be occupying my time right now, but I think my mind is focused on something way more important than closing out proposal files... my best friend is getting married in 2 days! I'm elated, amazed, and ecstatic at the thought of how much fun this wedding weekend is going to be and I can't help but let my emotions get the best of me today. Put it this way, I think I am a pretty emotional person, but I've never been a real crier, and as I sit here typing this, I can't help but get a little teary-eyed.
I remember when Bev met Christian in college- they had gone to my other best friend's (Meg, my roommate) beachhouse in Seaside and I guess you could say they hit it off and were pretty much inseparable from that point on. I look back on all the happy times I have shared with them throughout the past 4 years they've been together and I know wholeheartedly that they are absolutely PERFECT for one another. They bring out the best in everyone and I know they're set to embark on one heck of the journey of life together... I mean, look at how cute they are - oh my camel and giraffe couple, you make me laugh and I love the times we get to spend together (even though it's not nearly enough since you're all the way in Knoxville).
Speaking of, I've got lots to get accomplished tonight before we embark on our journey to Memphis tomorrow morning to get this shindig underway - manicure/pedicure, tanning bed, pick up my bridesmaid dress from the alterations place, last minute workout, packing the car up, but it's all well worth it to know I get to stand next to my best friend on Saturday as she says "I Do" to her very own prince charming. I'm trying to get myself ready so I don't fall apart during the ceremony on Saturday, but if I'm already this emotional, I may need to pack my waterproof mascara =) Let's get this party started!! I'm ready for Beale Street, singing "Walking in Memphis" 100 times, Silky's dueling piano bar, divers (the deadliest group drink you could possibly imagine), Rayford's, and as much southern BBQ as I can possibly stand in one weekend!

FYI-I promise to have loads of pictures up next week, too so you can all enjoy, too!

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