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Thursday, April 9, 2009

So I can't take all the credit for the fabulous website MxyerTones because one of my old friends (who will remain nameless) gave me the link a long time ago, but I definitely wanted to create a post dedicated to this site and relay on to my blogging friends just how great it is.
Not sure about you, but I love to download ringtones on my cell phone, except for the fact that I'm cheap and refuse to pay $2.99 for one song - that just seems a bit ridiculous to me considering I get tired of the ringtone after a few weeks... with Myxer, you can upload music from your computer and then create your own ringtones - to break it down, you can cut out a particular part of a song you're wanting (the chorus, verse 1, bridge, etc.) and can crop it into your very own ringtone. The best part, it's absolutely free!! Once you pick the 20-30 second section you want, it sends you a text with the ringtone and you can save it to your phone... it's so easy!! Even more, you can upload your favorite pictures of family and friends to store as contact ids and wallpapers for your cell phone, too! I know it sounds too good to be true, but I assure you it's not - and just think of what else you can spend all that extra money on that you save with using this service... for my close friends out there, you could take me out to lunch! =)

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