Bring on the Rain... Bachelorette Style

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Some friends may get sad at the idea of a bachelorette weekend surrounded by flooding waters, but if you know my friends at all, you know that didn't get in our way one single bit this past weekend when we went to Seaside for Bev's Beach Bachelorette Bash (try saying that 5 times fast)! What started off as a nice relaxing drive to the beach quickly turned into monsoon mania once we got into Florida late Thursday night- we took our time and arrived in one piece... then the fun really started!

Friday morning we got up, looked outside, and knew we were going to have to revise our outside activities of laying out and drinking so we decided to let loose and play some fun drinking games inside... there's nothing like playing F the Dealer at noon with your favorite friends! Within 3 hours, we all had a lot to drink, had downed 4 (yes I said 4) bags of chips and dip, and then decided it was nap time before our Friday Night Fun commenced.
Party Signs for Natalie's Arrival at the Airport

Those Bars Make Me Think We're Locked Up For the Day!

For dinner, we went to our favorite Italian beachside eatery, Angelinas, which is amazing each time we visit (if you've never been you MUST try it- it's literally a 1 mile drive from Seaside to Sea Grove where it's located). After rounding up the troops there, we headed to our local bar Bud N Alley's... the band couldn't play because of the weather, and it was pretty chilly that night, but that didn't rain on our parade- lots of drinks that night, and even I can attest to that =)

Me and My Hot Date

Julie, Bev, and Bev's Sister April at Angelina's for Dinner

Some of the Ladies at Bud N' Alleys in Seaside

Saturday morning, we took it pretty easy and once afternoon came around, we were pleasantly surprised to see the storms had passed and we finally got to take a walk on the beach! Yes it was a bit chilly, but it was great just to be able to dip our feet in the ocean and walk in the sand.

Later that day, we all got showered and ready and had a lingerie shower for Bev... she did exceptionally well with all her lovelies (yes, that's what we'll call them) and of course we had her favorite margaritas for our special cocktail! She loved everything and I know Christian will be happy with his presents too once they are on their honeymoon in Jamaica.
Look at all that BACHELORETTE GEAR!

Meg, Candice, and Me Ready for a Fun Night

The Bridesmaids and the Bride (We Missed the Others!!)

Afterwards, our taxi came with our chaffeur for the night, Rob. Don't know how we did this, but we managed to cram 13 girls into 1 Ford Expedition... it may not have been pretty, but we got to Baytown Wharf in Destin in 1 piece and headed to dinner at the New Orleans Creole Cookery - we drank their famous "Swamp Juice", munched on fried pickles, and sampled the local seafood including shrimp (or scrimp as Bev would say), crab cakes, and jambalaya, too! Then we took the long walk over to Rum Runners (the neighborhood dueling piano bar) and this is when things got crazy!! I'll let you judge for yourself, but to put it mildly, Bev had a fantastic time and I know this party is definitely going down in the books... she was "that bride" for sure- Love You Best Friend!!
The Start of the Night- WOW!

So Much Fun at Rum Runners!!

She Broke Her Magic Wand =(

Singing and Dancing on Stage ALL NIGHT!

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