Tonight's the Night

Monday, March 2, 2009

This isn't just another Monday, nor is it just another "Girl's Dinner Night" with some of my best friends here in Nashville, but tonight IS THE NIGHT... it's the showdown finale of this season's "The Bachelor" on TV. I know we've all been glued to the TV for weeks now watching as Seattle Jason narrowed it down from 25 to the final 2 and I am VERY interested to see what happens. Not sure how many of you out there have heard all the rumors flying around, but from what I hear we are in for one good show... all 3 hours of it are airing tonight on ABC. The first 2 will be the actual finale, and then the last hour is the "After the Final Rose". If it were up to me, I'd go back and rewind Jason's decision and him and Jillian would live happily ever after (all the ladies out there know what I'm talking about because she is amazing), but that's not going to happen, so now my money is on Melissa- granted she has a secret family that doesn't want to be seen, but she is sincere and sweet and you can tell she is great with kids, which is a huge priority for Jason since he's a single dad. Then there's crazy Molly- we all liked her at the start, but after late night camping, crazy golf games, and her wacko family that don't show affection, I'm pulling for the cheerleader/teacher ALL THE WAY! Everyone at my house tonight will definitely be on "Team Melissa" I can assure you of that. At least there's always another season of "The Bachelorette" to think about- and I've got one great guess as to who it may be... Jill!! I'm ready for our Mexican Fiesta party tonight, too- Ole!

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