Lebanon Birthday Fun

Friday, March 20, 2009

Me and the Birthday Girl!!

Last Friday night I made the trip to good ole' Lebanon to partake in my friend Jenna's birthday celebrations... it's funny when people think of Lebanon they really misunderstand just how much fun you can have and I always love going to hang out with my friends I rarely get to see =(.

We started the night off at Los Compadres- which I assure you, is hands down the best Mexican restaurant there is... the margaritas are stout, the cheese dip is amazing, and the atmosphere is just as entertaining because you never know who you will see in the bustling metropolis and home of Cracker Barrel- haha! Then we went to Old Neighborhood Bar and Grill and had some fun with my favorite bar game Photohunt (no this is by no means kid friendly), but still fun nonetheless- let's just say you want me on your team for this game friends- I am the champion!
Afterwards, we headed to Jenna's favorite bar, Blu Moon, and had one heck of a time singing karaoke, playing pool, and taking way too many pictures. I had so much fun and can't wait to bring some of my Nashville friends to Leb to show them what the fuss is all about...
fun at the MOON!!

me and double d- love you david!
billy, me, and sam

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