Board Game Night!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What happens when you bring 11 competitive people together for board games and combine it with beer?? TROUBLE! This past Friday night, we all got together at Ryan and Rachel's house for Board Game Night... and had more fun than any of us could've possibly imagined. We started the night out playing Catchphrase and divided the teams Girls vs. Boys- knowing how smart we all are, the boys thought they'd play it safe and continiously choose the "Sports and Games" category, but that's where they went wrong - to put it nicely, we killed them. We decided to do the best out of 3 games, and needless to say us girls won ALL 3 games. The boys didn't mind their punishment though, which consisted of shotgunning beers (classy, I know)... afterwards we tried out the old Twister and had lots of laughs twisting and turning like pretzels- what a great night with some of my best friends!! We'll be doing this again very soon. Enjoy the pics
Our Little Family... Aaron, Meg, and Me Boys Locked Us Out... So We Played Outside
I Love These Ladies (Meg, Lauren, Rachel, and Me)

Boys Punishment =)
Cleaning Up Can Be Fun!
New Kids on the Block Dance MovesTwister Fun Begins.. Looks Innocent Enough
Ryan Made Us Stay in Our Positions FOREVER

Sorry Rachel!!

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