When Boys Are Away... The Girls Will Play

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another weekend down in the books, and what an exciting one at that! Since it seems that most of my close friends in Nashville have recently become single, we thought we'd hit the town up right and let loose a little bit (not that we don't every other weekend, as well)! Meg's boyfriend was out of town visiting his grandmother in North Carolina (she's actually having surgery today so keep her and his family in your prayers) so I had my roommate all to myself for a whole weekend... and I loved every minute of it!

Friday night us girls started off at Red Door in Midtown- now becoming one of our favorite places around Nashville. We were definitely having lots of fun singing to everyone who walked in and I think they were pretty impressed at our skills (Journey's Don't Stop Believin' was a fan favorite that night). We then made our way downtown to P-Park where we almost had a little encounter with the past, but we escaped!!
Me and My Favorite Person in the World
Hot Brunette Ladies at Red Door (Julie, Sarah, Lauren, and Meg)

Me and My Zumba Ladies

Then Saturday night, here we are again- Meg, Candice, and I started our night off with a fantastic dinner at Merchant's Restaurant downtown on Broadway. I had been given a $100 gift certificate to use and I thought these ladies deserved a nice dinner on me... after a bottle of wine and lots of delicious food, we headed to P-Park again (yes this is 2 nights in a row). Joining up with some of our friends Lauren, Julie, Ashley, and Nerissa, we claimed our table and got to sing Rocky Top at the top of our lungs. But then it turned silly because Meg wanted to dance so we made our rounds to Cadillac Ranch (I despise that bar!!) and then to Hollywood Disco (yes, they have a light up dance stage). We met up with some guy friends there and definitely showed off some of our new Zumba moves... too much fun!

Rando Couple Making Out- We Thought We Needed to Make it a Kodak Moment!!

Singing Rocky Top- Yes, We Were "Those Annoying People"
Me and Sarah's Brother Zach- So Fun!!
Only I Would Get a Cup Stuck in my Shoe- This ALWAYS Happens to MeI Love Black and White Pictures!!
Getting Down with Chad at Hollywood Disco- Too Hysterical

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  1. Where are you're shoes from? The brown ones?

    They look so hot!!

    Ida. :]