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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Out with the old and in with the new... can I please tell you how much I love our new apartment?? Meg and I were sitting in our cute little home last night and we couldn't get over how much more we like our place than where we used to live in Brentwood. We're SOOOO much closer to all of our friends now that I feel like I get in my car and I'm automatically shot to my destination within seconds-it's kinda crazy actually. My work commute, which used to be a constant source of anguish for me, is now actually quite a pleasant drive. Now there's little to no traffic and I can get there in about 25 minutes - talk about lucky! I feel like I have just hit the lottery.
We've already decided to join the Green Hills YMCA, which is apparently like a social gathering place for anyone in our age group- this should be fun! If you know my roommate and I, we are definite talkers so I'm not sure how much exercise we'll be getting if we're constantly running into friends, but oh well, our money will most certainly go to a good cause. And we'll get to take some exciting classes to build up our "Body By Preserve" physiques, too.
Tonight also officially marks the start of our Wednesday Night "Board Meetings". We wanted to find a fun way to get our friends out at least one night during the week for some good laughs and conversation, and we thought this was the best way... go figure, food and booze. Meg said her dad always had "meetings" with his friends when she was growing up, which actually meant they were going to a bar to play pool and have drinks. Bob will be happy to know we are carrying on his beloved tradition at "Crow's Nest" in Green Hills. We'll also be cheering on the VOLS as they take on the Arkansas Razorbacks in BBall tonight- let's see what Brucey is going to give them this time.
And last but not least, can I refrain from all the restaurants and shops we have within a 1 mile distance?? It's almost too sad for words because I have a feeling my savings will be depleted within a matter of months... West Elm, Francesca's, BeBe, Pei Wei, BCBG, Swoozie's, Arden B, Baja Fresh, California Pizza Kitchen, Posh - I could go on for days! I just need a taser gun launched at me by one of my friends when I try to enter a store- my ability to walk away just isn't that strong when it comes to clothes and food!


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