Giving It Up...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Though I wasn't raised Catholic, every year I do attempt to give up something for Lent... a lot of people ask me why I choose to do this, but to me it helps me remember what Jesus sacrificed for us and I think it's important that we take time to give up everyday luxuries just so we can struggle a bit. Granted, what I chose this year isn't the hardest thing to give up like some people, but for me, the temptation is ALWAYS there for dessert so I am giving it up, at least until Easter.

Now this is going to be extremely difficult I assure you... especially when I have friends with birthdays coming up, meaning no cake or ice cream. But this will help me get in shape for Bev's wedding in less than 2 months and will make me look better for bathing suit season I hope.

So after Monday night's declicious ice cream I was spoiled with, it's goodbye for now to cake, pie, ice cream, cookies, jelly beans, gummi worms, m&m's, and anything else that calls my name... I have to be good from here but the countdown is officially on for April 12


  1. I'm with you girl...although it was facebook that I gave up...

  2. I love the Blog! Its so fun! Well looks like we are in this together bc I gave up desserts too! Really stinks because there is ALWAYS a full plate of fresh cookies sitting close to me at work. Sooo tempting...