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Monday, February 9, 2009

This past Saturday night, us girls got together and had a spectacular night out on the town! After a week of ups and downs, personally and professionally, it was so fun to be able to get dressed up and have a real night out with my girlfriends. We started the night at Rumba on West End with lots of tapas (small plates) and a few mojitos, and then made our way to our favorite bar on Demonbreun, Tin Roof. My voice is still hurting from all of the singing and the feet are still aching from dancing in heels ALL night long, but it was well worth it. Needless to say, we were definitely "those girls" in the bar, and I think people were laughing at us, but we didn't care one bit. Still, we needed to get our fix from the boys so we let them come play with us later, too!

Roomie MANDATORY tequila shots right when we got to the bar (Candice was smarter than we were apparently!)

I Love These Girls!

Dance Party at the Roof

P.S. these pictures were taken with my BRAND NEW camera- I finally had to break down and buy another one. I couldn't stand not having a camera anymore- it just didn't feel right and my nights out weren't as fun. Candice had a great idea and told me I need to own stock in Canon since I give them so much of my $$$. =)
Have a great week friends- hope you get to get outside and enjoy the BEAUTIFUL spring-like weather!! (obviously that groundhog had no idea what he's talking about)


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