BOARD Meeting and Preds Game

Friday, February 13, 2009

The past two nights have definitely been some of my favorite in a long time here in Nashville... as I mentioned last week, Meg and I created a weekly BOARD meeting for all of our friends to come and hang out during the week just to escape the everyday 8 to 5 lifestyle we are so used to living. This week we ventured to Sam's in the Village- not only do they have 2 for 1's, but they also have Wednesday night trivia and our friends are extremely competitive so of course we like to participate as much as possible (pretty sure Lauren and I did the best with our Gusher's answer)

Our Little Family!!

Me, Luke, and Michael

Amber and Me- I Love You!!

Then last night, thanks to my friend Jeff's company seats, we got to go to the Predators Hockey game against the St. Louis Blues. We ate dinner at Rippy's beforehand and then made our way to the seats only a mere 6 rows from the glass (I was uber excited because I have never sat that close before). The game was action-packed with flying pucks headed our direction (a guy 2 rows away actually got hit in the head and the paramedics had to come), a REALLY good fight in the 1st period (hey, it's not a fun game unless there is a fight), a last second shot to tie us up, and then a final shootout where WE WON!! We all kept reminescing about how much the game reminded us of the Mighty Ducks movie just because of how crazy it was... what a great night in Nashville!!

Look at how close our seats wereMe with My Flame Retardent Roommate

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