A Tad Bit Overwhelmed...

Friday, January 30, 2009

This may come as a surprise to some of you (or maybe not at all), but it seems that lately I have been overextending myself personally AND professionally. Not that I don't love a jam-packed highly exciting life, but sometimes I just want to step into a padded, sound proof room and scream my lungs out even though no one can hear me... maybe that's exactly what I need now that I think of it - definitely something to ponder for the future. Back to the heart of the matter, I think I am just a little stressed from everything going on right now and how the time is running out:

Let's see, first of all, the BIG MOVE to Green Hills has finally arrived and starting this afternoon, we'll be making the transition to the downtown way-of-life. I couldn't be more excited... ready for it to be over with 100%, but excited about this new journey Meg and I get to embark on together, yet again. What's even more exciting is that our friends have called and emailed and told us just how happy they are we're moving closer so weekly Happy Hour nights and social events are surely to add themselves back into our already-crammed lives.

Then there's the other big one: WORK! I know I really shouldn't be complaining about work because I am extremely thankful to even have a job with security right now, but I feel like I am at my breaking point already. Work is continuously piling up on my desk with multiple submittals to clients going out everyday and there is absolutely no end in sight. What's worse is that our marketing department is "downsizing" which means more work for me... literally I can't handle anymore. When I'm at the office I bust my butt and give my all, but you have to draw the line somewhere. And I haven't been getting any sleep at night just because I'm thinking about what all I have to get accomplished the next day. Well, I have made myself a promise that from now on I will separate work from my personal life in order to stay partially sane =)

Now that I got the pessimism out of my system for the day, I'd also like to focus on the GOOD things I have going on right now...

Something I am really excited to report is that my best friend Bev who is getting married in April asked me to do her wedding invitation calligraphy for her... yes I know, this is a huge deal! My friends have always made fun of me for my carefree doodling I am notorious for (even in college this was how I passed the time in class), but it's become more like a hobby- I have painted canvases I have in my bedroom and now I'm trying out the world of calligraphy... I figure this has to come naturally because I have people tell me how good my penmenship is all the time... we'll see, but keep your fingers crossed for me - I'm hoping the 200 invites (yikes!) turn out to look something like this...

**image taken from A Lucky Orchd Wedding blog you can visit here
I just have to keep telling myself I'll be relaxing in Seaside on the beach with all my best friends in a mere 56 days... we'll be venturing down to celebrate Bev's Bachelorette Weekend, and trust me, the countdown has already begun- Have a great weekend friends!!

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