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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Bachelor
As much as I promised myself I wouldn't watch another season, I gave in to my temptations last night and tuned in to watch the premiere just like I always do. Don't get me wrong, I love the whole idea of the show, but what's their record- like 2 and 10. I think Trista/Ryan and Byron/Mary are the only ones still together (I could be wrong, but I know they're not batting .300). Anyways, I did like Jason when he was on The Bachelorette last year with Deanna and I was 100% certain she was going to pick him= wrong again, but from the previews last night, it looks as though she is coming back for more saying "she made a mistake". Obviously that peeked my interest and I do like the fact they are trying to promote family on the show by bringing on other bachelorettes who are single moms- it shows they are looking for love and obviously they are ready for commitment. On the other hand, you could tell this is going to be another knock-out fight to win his attention and it looks like he is getting love from LOTS of ladies by what they show is to come this time around... I always like to make predictions to see if I'm right and I did notice that at the end it is a brunette so I am either hoping for Jillian (a restaurant designer from Canada- she is absolutely adorable!) or Melissa (a former Cowboys cheerleader from Dallas, TX)- guess I'll have to stay tuned to find out

The City
Just released last week (like I haven't been waiting for what seems like FOREVER for this series) I hate to say it, but I'm already addicted... not that I don't miss Whitney on The Hills, but I think her new show is actually better than Lauren's. From the day we met Whitney oh-so-long-ago at Teen Vogue, she has been my favorite- she just seems so down to earth and friendly and that's hard to come by on reality TV these days. So now she has moved to New York City (sigh... I am jealous!) and has started her career in high-end fashion with Diane von Furstenberg- are you as envious as me??? She's finally got her own high-rise apartment, her love life is starting to take shape after her and Aussie-rocker Jay had a deep conversation last night, and it seems like everything is just as it should be... but you know there has to be drama thrown into the mix SOMEHOW! Looks like social-Olivia is trying to make sure Whitney makes "mature decisions for herself", but I think she's only trying to meddle in her business (is it me or does she look IDENTICAL to Heidi with brown hair?? kinda scary if you ask me). Even though MTV will play rerun after rerun I'm watching Monday nights just so I don't miss out on an ounce of all the action going down in my dreamland, NYC

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