Thursday, July 31, 2008

Make It Work!

Not only am I an avid watcher of the Bravo series "Project Runway", but I can't help but to follow to show religiously- I cater my workouts and evening activities around this show on Wednesday nights. Lame, yes, but I don't care- I know they'll continuously show re-runs throughout the week, but I insist on making my schedule conform to this, as it is my favorite show. I think Heidi Klum does an amazing job - it's entertaining, educational, and so much fun to watch the designers, the judges, and most of all Tim Gunn! Sure there have been some "interesting characters" on previous seasons including the infamous Santino who mocked Tim all the time and wanted a date at Red Lobster, or last season's winner Christian with his "That's Fierce!" quotes, but I don't think I've ever seen so much diversity in the designers as what they selected this season. So here's the run-down on some of my favorites:

1. Stella AKA "Leatha": no background needed here- she is true NY rock n' roll and LOVES her leather- if you don't like it, she doesn't care and the best addition- in every challenge thus far, she has used tight ribbon to make her garments LACE UP- yes I said it and no we're not in the 80's anymore; what's even better is she makes fun of everyone else for their fashion, but clearly she has none- Heidi, Michael, and Nina need to get her out FAST, even though her accent is just too funny for words
2. Blayne AKA "Tanorexic": the funniest cast member this season in my opinion, he's toothpink thin and has already asked where a tanning bed is 3 or 4 times so far. He had Tim shouting "holla at cha boy!" and asking what the phrase means in the latest episode, which was too funny for words. He's had some interesting garments come down the runway, even something that resembled a diaper-romper motif , but yet he's still in the competition= I LOVE HIM!

3. Kelli AKA the one I want to win- in one word she is AMAZING... she is everything an incredible designer encompasses. She makes masterpieces and has already won a challenge (the 1st to be exact). She took burnt coffee filters and died vacuum bags with a spiral notebook and made a beautiful dress that completely looked wearable. She's fun, hip, innovative, diverse, and i think she is the one to beat! I have waited 2 seasons to see a woman win again (Chloe being the only one to ever do it) and i'm keeping my fingers crossed she pulls through because i am dying to see her collection at fashion week!!

Enough of my blabbering, I'm just constantly trying to increase the viewership for this show- so tune in Wednesday nights at 8PM and I promise you won't be disappointed AUF! YOU'RE OUT


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's FINALLY Coming Back!

So it all started years ago in a little town we like to call Laguna Beach- I remember crowding around a TV on Monday nights to watch Stephen, LC, and Kristin duke it out with each other, but now like the kids of the OC, we've grown up and matured... or so we like to think! That's right, on August 18th, THE HILLS is back for its 4th season and I couldn't be more excited... just thinking about Meg and I singing "Unwritten" at the top of our lungs and not letting our boyfriends come over just so we can have quality bonding time makes me squeal with excitement =)
Sure some of you haters out there like to "pretend" that it's all scripted and the producers make all this drama unfold in front of eyes and yes, I agree, they definitely provoke some of the interactions, mishaps, and awkward run-ins between the awful, horrid Speidi and the fabulous LC, but I like to think this is their "real world" life, so please don't ruin it for me just yet.
Looks like this season will be just as exciting as the others with plenty of drama between the roommates (especially Lo and Audrina), new and exciting dates with HOT boys (go Whitney!), and the ever popular Stephanie added into the mix (my verdict is still out on her- how can you possibly be related to Spencer and not be insane?) But I'm not casting my vote on her quite yet... so tune in for what looks to be a very exciting fall with the ladies, and just for a tease, you can follow the link below to see the brand new trailer MTV released!


I'm the Birthday Princess

This last weekend my best friend and roommate threw my birthday party with all my cloest friends in attendance! We had the best time and were paying for it all Sunday- it's times like these that make me realize I am growing up and can't party every night like I used to, even though I like to think that I can. Still- we had a fantastic time and I am so thankful to have important people in my life that care about me! Enjoy the pics below =)
Tabitha, Me, and Meg at Mafiaoza's for Dinner

Me and My Chicka Jenna (Thanks for Coming Love!!)

Mark and I at Big Bang! Me and The Party Planner Herself (She LOVES doing this, I promise!!)

Friday, July 18, 2008

A Quarter of A Century in the Making

So yes it's true, yesterday I turned the big 25 and didn't know how I'd feel to be quite honest. Everyone kept asking me if I felt different, and actually the more I thought about it- I do feel older, and MAYBE a little wiser =). But thanks to all my friends who poked fun at me, saying I'm officially in the 25-34 year old box (wow, that is CRAZY!), that the Alzheimer's might kick in any day, and how I'm officially MID-twenties, but on the contrary, I did find a list of everything fabulous about turning 25 so I thought I'd share...

Top 25 Things About Turning 25
1. Decrease in cost of car insurance. (YES! this is HUGE)
2. No more underage fees when renting a car. (thank the Lord for that!)
3. No longer have to party with 18-24 year olds at the club. (what if I want to?)
4. Perfect time to set up an annuity or another retirement fund (My 401K suits me just fine)
5. Officially grown (…somewhat).
6. Beginning a new phase of your life (hmmm- still contemplating this one)
7. Acquiring new wisdom (Oh yes, I feel smarter already!)
8. Learning new lessons (I try to learn something new at least 1 time everyday)
9. Realizing just how fly you are (did that really say FLY?)
10. PAARTY!!! (this saturday- watch out Nashville- me and 20 of my closest friends could spell T-R-O-U-B-L-E!)
11. Reminiscing about how you thought you were grown at 18, even 21 (oh the mistakes I have made)
12. Having the courage to somewhat talk back to parents/grandparents without fear of getting beat down (yeah right, they still know WAY more than me)
13. Having friends who are turning 25 (I can give them hell, too- haha, Bev you're next!)
14. Having friends who are 26 & older (they can get me through this traumatic time)
15. Developing your adult physique (I'm working at keeping it looking like the 18-24 year old physique-haha)
16. Seeing another day. (waking up is an accomplishment in itself and makes me happy with what God has given me)
17. Buying your own home—you are not too young to purchase a condo, townhouse or a multifamily space with units that you can live in and rent out. Real estate is a great way to invest your money, plus earn tax credits. (I'm working on this one)
18. Learning humility (that's a work in progress, but I'm getting better)
19. Finding the person you want to spend the next 25 years of your life with (…and the next 25 thereafter) I'm there =)
20. Becoming the type of person you want to be with (I'm happy with me and who I am)
21. Putting to use 25 years of life experience
22. Stepping out on faith
23. Celebrating this landmark occasion with your little one(s) (Dont have any of those just yet, but one day- let's say 30)
24. More PAARTY!!! (obviously the most important element!)
25. WHOLENESS: The sum of 25 (2+5) is 7. Seven is a spiritual number that symbolizes ‘perfect completeness.’ You have exactly what you need to be happy and claim your greatness!

Again, thanks to everyone who made my birthday so very special- it's nice to know I'm surrounded by people who love and care about me and that's the greatest birthday blessing I could ever receive! Love you all! OXOX

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Rave Review

This past weekend, my quarter-of-a-century birthday celebrations officially kicked off with a Family Sunday Brunch at Germantown Cafe... I'm always saying I get tired of visiting the same restaurants in Nashville, so as a promise to some of my STUNning friends that I made this past spring, I'm attempting to think outside-the-box and try new restaurants - so to get started, I took my cute little family on an adventure in downtown Nashville.
My ratings (although not officially as highly regarded as Zagot), are as follows:
Scale of 1 to 5 (1 being poor, 5 being excellent)
Service: 4- very friendly and attentive
Food: 3.5 - only drawback is menu isn't diverse, but open faced chicken salad is great
Ambiance and Environment: 4 - small, intimate, modern
Bang For Your Buck: 5- brunch prices range $6 to $13= great food at a great price
Overall Experience: 4 - very satisfied with my experience and I will go back!
Also as an FYI, if you live in Nashville and have never ventured to Germantown, you need to visit - the streets are homey and quaint, and the real estate in this tee-tiny neighborhood is adorable... and growing at a rapid rate! They also have a number of great restaurants and shops to check out, too!

The More You Read, The More You'll Know

In order to continue to increase my knowledge and keep myself entertained with anything other than TV shows I tend to watchover over and over again, I recently made a conscience effort to read more. There, I said it. I do have to admit, sometimes I feel like a nerd as I settle in my bed early Monday through Thursday nights to read, but all in all, I sleep better, I am more relaxed, and I feel as though I have actually learned something (can you believe it?) instead of watching the never-ending drama on The Real World or the countless re-runs of Friends and Sex and the City.

It's not like I'm reading the biography of Gandhi or numerous financial books by Dave Ramsey (which I should be reading), but nevertheless I am making myself feel better and adding to my library and I couldn't be happier about spending my money on something other than a cute summer dress.

I recently read 2 books in 1 month- yes that has to be a record for me! Both by Emily Griffin, the first installment titled "Something Borrowed" is a story of friendship, betrayal, love, and life. It was a page-turner and I promise you'll root for the underdog just like I did. I actually read it not knowing what it was about, but since my recent life revolves around my friend's weddings, I thought it was perfectly fitting.

The second book "Something Blue" follows the same characters later on after the drama has unfolded and deals with pregnancy, finding out who you really are, love, and devotion. Both were equally exciting to read and I promise if you love girly books just as much as I do, you won't be disappointed.

After all this, maybe one day I'll move up the ranks and start my own book club like Oprah! Don't count on it, though =)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Saving a Little Green - One Dinner at a Time

So if you're like me and love to treat yourself to a nice dinner out, but hate yourself afterwards... seeing how much you've spent when checking your bank account on some sushi here, a panini there, or a venti coffee at you know where, then these are the wesbites for you.
At, you can print off coupons and codes for dozens of restaurants to help save you a little moola, and at, you can get $25 gift certificates for only $10- this will definitely help on those date nights we all love to plan so much!
Happy Eating!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Parking Lots and Bathing Suits...

This past weekend was one of my favorites of the year, celebrating Independence Day- not only do I love getting off from work to bask in the Summer Sum, but I love everything that comes along with America's Birthday: 1) Getting so excited about fireworks and driving to see them like a little kid, 2) Taking a "few days off" my diet so I can eat all my favorite things at numerous cookouts, and above all 3) having the opportunity to spend some extra free-time with my family and closest friends. Even though we in America all have our different viewpoints and opinions on the war, the presidential candidates, the state of the economy, and numerous other topics, we can put our differences aside and celebrate our great country- I Am Proud To Be An American!

So we celebrated the weekend with poolside fun, 4 different cookouts, the downtown Nashville fireworks, and the ever-popular Kenny Chesney and Keith Urban concert. It took all Sunday (and some of Monday, even though I was back at work) to recooperate from all the fun we had, but it was definitely worth it and can't wait to do it all over again next year!
Hurt, Meg, and I at Tin Roof After the Nashville Fireworks

Dance Party with Colby, Me, Meg, and Hurt at Tin Roof

At Our Tailgate for the Concert on Saturday- Me and Aubrey

Sammy Hagar (from Van Halen) Playing!

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