My Thanksgiving Holiday...

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

This year for Thanksgiving, my parents and I got to host our family's celebration at their house (my aunts, grandmonther, and mother rotate each year so it's not a burden on the same person every year). It was so great to be home in my bed and in my room and hanging out with my parents Wednesday night and all day Thursday- we finally got to play with the new family toy, Nintendo Wii, and we are officially hooked- my dad practically bought everything at Best Buy because he said we "needed it". Let's put it this way, at this rate, my parents and I will be rock legends of Guitar Hero- it was my first time to play, but we couldn't stop- we stayed up til 2 AM playing it because we kept trying to get better... I wouldn't say we'll be playing at any local venue just yet, but we've improved just the same.

The next morning the family and Rory came to dig in to lunch. The house looked beautiful and the food was amazing... makes me happy and thankful to be so blessed with a family who is so close. That day we watched the Titans kick some Lion butt, played even more Mario Kart on the Wii, and then went to bed because Mom and I had some major shopping to do on Black Friday...

Here is my dad carving the beautiful turkey

And I had to get a close-up of our 24 lb. massive bird!

Our festive fall table all ready to eat on

We were out the door at 6 AM and had to make a pit-stop at Starbuck's to get our energy jucies flowing and then we headed to Target. We definitely did some damage in the DVD department, but it was hard not to because EVERYTHING was on sale. I racked up with some new releases, too! We also went to The Avenue and got some great deals on shoes... for ourselves of course! All in all, it was a great holiday and I got to spend some much needed alone time with Mom =)

Then we traveled to Auburn to visit Roy's family and celebrate his grandmother's 80th birthday- we had a great time visiting with his family and friends, and watching some football (although I know he wouldn't want me talking about it because Auburn most definitely didn't continue their Iron Bowl streak- we'll leave it at that). We also went to the movies with his aunt and uncle and saw Four Christmases with Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn, which was hilarious and I highly recommend light-hearted comedies like that during the holidays just to take your mind off the stress and hustle-and-bustle of the season.

Rory and his best friend Patrick out at 1716 in Auburn

Rory and I out with his hometown friends

Pool Time at the Bar

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    I'm coming by way of Brittany, from her follower friday 4th edition...nice to meet you! I look forward to getting to know you...

    You have a beautiful glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Great journal