Celebrating the Season... A Christmas Party

Monday, December 15, 2008

As part of my Rec Team obligations this year, I was responsible for planning the R. W. Beck Nashville Christmas Party- we always rent out a place that speaks to the heart of everything that is "Nashville"... last year we rented out a private room at the infamous Wildhorse Saloon, complete with line dancing, buffet-style food, and live music.

This year, we stepped it up a notch (so all us girls could find another reason to get dressed up) and rented out the top of Merchants Restaurant on Broadway. With an exciting menu including Jack Daniel's encrusted sirloin, asparagus wrapped in bacon, shrimp and lobster fondue, pineapple glazed ham, and chocolate dessert fondue, we had a great time - and the open bar didn't hurt, either! Afterwards, a big group of us headed out to The Stage for some more music city madness- needless to say, the party was a success and I can't wait to do it all over again next year

Ladies at the Party All Dressed Up!

My Favorite Ladies... Jacqueline, Courtney,
Random Guy, Me, and Jennifer
(Oh how I wouldn't survive at work without them)

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