Big News... He Engaged Her

Monday, December 8, 2008

The Soon-To-Be Mr. and Mrs. Luke Graves
So this past Friday after work, I was strolling through Opry Mills doing some Christmas shopping when I got a call from Rory. He said he had just gotten off the phone with Amber and that Luke had just "engaged her"... of course I was quick to remind him that what he actually meant was that Luke had "proposed to her", but the news was just as exciting and the specifics weren't that important.

Rory and Amber have been best friends since he moved to Nashville in 8th grade, and both of us couldn't be happier for the newly-engaged couple. Amber and I had become friends through Megan Hurt and now we've grown really close because her and Rory live together. Amber is such a kind-hearted friend and I think Luke and her are absolutely perfect for one another... the celebrations kicked-off Friday night with a get together at the Dales' (Amber's parents) and you could tell they were both so very excited to begin this exciting next chapter to their lives. I am so happy for them and wish them many years of happiness!
Rory and Amber Showing Love for their Auburn Tigers!
Amber, Me, Meg, and Hurt at our Favorite Place

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