With Only A Week To Go...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Seems like everyone has Britney fever lately... her album drops in 7 DAYS and everyone is claiming she is ready for her "real" comeback this time. She looks better than ever (especially after having 2 kids), she is getting more visitation with her children, her dad Jamie is handling all of her personal and professional affairs, and her famed manager, Larry Rudoloph, is doing whatever he can to prove to the public that Britney Spears is indeed a pop music legend.
As for her 2nd cover ad feature story for Rolling Stone magazine in 2008 alone, I love the title "Yes She Can" - she is back and out to prove she can overcome anything we throw her way. And even more exciting is her 90-minute documentary "For the Record", which airs on MTV this Sunday (11/30) at 8PM... and yes I will be watching =)

In the following feature from the Today Show, Meredith Viera interviews a Rolling Stone writer to get her take on just how far Britney has come in the past year - take a look

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