Whistle While You Work

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My ever-entertaining boyfriend told me about a website recently that I sent on to family and friends, but I thought it necessary to post about, as well. Pandora Radio, an online iTunes of sorts allows you to create custom radio stations based on the type of music you're wanting to listen to at any given moment in time. The best part is there is absolutely nothing to download - this is extremely helpful when you work in corporate environments, who won't allow you to download alerting software on their machines, such as mine. You can search for a particular artist, song title, or genre, and only listen to songs in certain repertoires if you like - I am completely addicted and listen all through my busy work days... trust me, it helps make the hours go by and it's relaxing at the same time. I also highly recommend the holiday christmas music now, too - really gets you ready to start decorating the tree and baking holiday cookies. Enjoy! =)

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