What A Week Its Been...

Friday, November 7, 2008

Never in all my years has so much happened in one week... some changes I am not happy about, but I have to admit this has been a roller-coaster emotion kind of week for me, and others I am sure are right there with me.

Monday, November 2nd - in an official press conference from the University of Tennessee, Phillip Fulmer announced this would be his final season as head coach. You could see by all the emotion he had this wasn't his decision. As a loyal and dedicated fan to the VOLS, I have seen the anguish of our players and fans as we have surrendered to another losing football season, but I am optimistic about our program and know we have the capability to rise above this. I believe this is the time for all of us to join together and stand behind our team. I, for one, agree it is time for a new perspective to lead our players, but I'm still upset by how they announced this to the media, and most of all the fans. I wish him and his family nothing but the best, because they have brought many families and friends lots of exciting moments in his many years as head caoch... SEC championship games, #1 recruiting classes, the 1997 National Championship, and countless other awards and honors... thanks Phil, we'll never forget you and thanks for all the joy you brought to so many people

Tuesday, November 3 - Yet another tragic day in America, and I think everyone knows what I am talking about... Always trying to be optimistic and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, I hoped for an upset by John McCain winning the presidency, but after all was said and done and the votes were counted, Barack Obama is our President-elect. I'm not excited about the leader our country has elected to represent us, but I will stand behind him and hope for the best. I believe God has a reason for everything He does, and I am confident in this plan we are presented with. It's not going to be easy and our problems are not going to be fixed overnight, but for us to overcome our current situation with the war and the economy among other things, I think we all must try to support Obama and put our personal issues with him aside. I think the best thing for everyone to do is to pray for him, for our troops, and for our country... it's going to be a long ride.

Thursday, November 6 - In an announcement on People.com, it was confirmed that Kendra Wilkinson of "The Girls Next Door" fame is engaged to Philadelphia Eagles player Hank Baskett. Not only was I devastated when I learned Hef and Holly had broken up, but now this... terrible terrible. The Girls Next Door is one of my favorite shows, and one that I'm not sure I can contiune to watch now that all this drama has unfolded. It was also reported Holly Madison is now dating Criss Angel, the magician. How can you go from dating the man who made sex part of main-stream media to a wannabe David Copperfield? You're better than that Holly. Now let's not leave Bridget out- me being the gossip follower I am also found out that Bridget is expected to be moving out of the mansion, as well. She travels more than ever now taping a travel show, so she is rarely there, but with the addition of a new set of twins to the house, I guess the fun-loving girlfriends are all out and a new bunch is in. We'll miss you =(

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