Counting My Blessings...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's the time of the year when we're supposed to be thankful for all God has blessed us with, but I like to think I should be thanking Him each and everyday for all the gifts He bestows to me... this year, I am especially thankful for:

1. A loving and supportive family (one that is also close so we can spend time together)

2. Friends who mean so much to me - I hope each of them knows how much they add to my life

3. My job- so many people are not as fortunate as I am to have job security and I know I am extremely blessed

4. My home- I have a warm place to come back to each and everyday; I also have a roommate who is my best friend and constantly keeps me entertained

5. My good health - For those individuals out there who are sick or hungry, I pray for them

6. The U.S. armed forces- even though I don't say it enough, these men and women give the most important thing of all- they give us freedom and keep us safe from those who wish to harm America and they risk their lives for our country- I am so thankful for your loyalty to our country and I pray for your safety

I wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving... I hope you are surrounded by those you love most and really sit back and think about all the blessings God has granted you. I'll be helping my mom prepare our family Thanksgiving, watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, cheering on the Titans as they tackle the Detroit Lions, playing Wii with my competitive family, shopping with my mom on Black Friday to continue our annual tradition, and then heading to Auburn with Roy to celebrate the holiday with his family... lots to do!

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