That War Eagle Land and My UT Ranting

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Another football weekend has come and passed, with yet another loss added to the UT VOLS season this year. We're at a whopping 1-3... so sad, so sad. I do have to admit though, that last weekend in Auburn, we played a lot better than I have seen us look in recent weeks, and we would've come out with a victory if we hadn't fumbled in the endzone CROMPTON!! I get so angry when it comes to UT football, but that embodies how a true, die-hard fan should act.

I do have to give props to our football God himself, Peyton Manning, who had a bie-week in the NFL and flew to AU to watch his VOLS play. I love the fact that 10 years after he left Big Orange, he still comes back from time to time to root us on and stand-in as an honorary coach- oh if we were only lucky enough to get a new coach, which brings me to my next point.

I have to give it to Fulmer, our team has had a lot of success under his direction, but we all know it's time to pass the torch on to someone new and fresh, with innovative game plans and who has the ability to turn our football program around. We have so much talent on our team and we're just not taking advantage of that. I mean, Eric Berry is the #1 defensive player in the nation, but he can't do it all himself. And with Crompton, everyone knows the plays we're going to run- obviously we won't pass because he CAN'T COMPLETE ONE, well unless it's to the opposing team. I was one of the optimistic ones that said we'd turn our season around just like we did last year, but you have to look at this rationally and the only answer I can come up with is a new quarterbaack for the remainder of the season, and a new head coach in 2009. I will wish them luck in the new few weeks, because I will always loves the VOLS, and because we need it- our schedule is an SEC showdown for the month of October: Georgia, Mississippi State, Alabama, and South Carolina= WOW!

So I leave you with this quote: "Some say football is a matter of life and death, to me it's much more important than that"


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