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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

In an effort for Roy and I to be better with our money and start saving more, we have recently resorted to spending nights at home renting movies instead of our normal bar crashing in and around Nashville. With that being said, I think I owe it to my friends to let them in on my little secret, and to rate our recent rentals so you can check them out for yourselves.

So first I'll release my little secret- I'm not sure if everyone is aware of this new invention, but it's called RedBox and it's the best thing to happen to DVD rentals. They are practically all over town (mostly at area McDonald's), but you have to be on the lookout, because they can be hard to find. You simply insert a credit/debit card, pick out the movie you wish to rent, and they give it to you just like a vending machine... but that's not all: the greatest part is that it only costs $1 dollar to rent. Of course there are stipulations just as with any other great bargain, but you can have it for up to 24 hours and return it to ANY other RedBox, not just at the one you rented it from. Another recent discovery we stumbled across last night if that you can reserve it online and pick it up from the location closest to you- the website is and I highly recommend this to everyone I know!

Made of Honor: Starring the ever delightful Patrick Dempsey (Grey's Anatomy), he has always been a playboy of men, but after years of dating random women, he realizes he is in love with his best friend - only problem is she is newly engaged and she has asked him to be her MOH (maid of honor in wedding speak). Of course this creates drama, but this romantic comedy is great for a girl's night. Think of it as a modern-day "My Best Friend's Wedding." My Rating: C+

Street Kings: Roy's favorite kind of movie, "Bang-Bang-Shoot Em Up", is definitely the tone for this flick. None of that romantic mumbo-jumbo, this is action-packed and features one of our favorite all-time heroes, Keanu Reeves (Speed, The Matrix). All about the background lives of LA's finest cops, this follows his street fights, bad-guy takedowns, and leaves you with an ending you didn't see coming. My Rating: B

Good Luck Chuck: For anyone that loves a good comedyalong the same lines of Wedding Crashers, Old School, and Happy Gilmore, you're sure to love this light-hearted movie featuring Dane Cook and Jessica Alba (Into the Blue, Sin City). After a rumor is started that women marry the first guy they date after they sleep with Chuck, women are practically begging to sleep with him, but of course, he grows tired of his life, and falls for sweet penguin-loving Alba. I promise you'll be hysterically laughing and saying the punchlines over and over again for this one. My Rating: B+

Deception: Last but not least, there is the thriller movie. Starring Hugh Jackman (XMen, Australia), Ewan McGregor (Moulin Rouge, Big Fish), and Michelle Williams (Brokeback Mountain, Dawson's Creek), this intricate storyline is along the same lines as Derailed which featured Jennifer Aniston. It's a cat and mouse game with lies, murder, theft, and lots of suspense. Make sure you pay attention or you'll miss some keys to helping you solve this one, as it did seem to drag on quite a bit for me at the end. My Rating: B-


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