Monday Night Football

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How About Those Titans?? If there was a doubt in anyone's eyes about just how good the Titans really are this year, I think we won them over last night!! Talk about a great night of classic football- I have to admit, it was hard to root against my favorite quartback of all time, Peyton Manning, but the Titans come first in my book and Kerry Collins put on a show for all to see. With completed passes over-and-over again, he demonstrated that he deserves his starting QB status and Vince Young has A LOT of growing up to do if he ever plans to make it back on the field. And what about little Chris Johnson? He may be small, but that man is FAST! And then there's the Big Boy- Lyndell White - he means business, which is why Collins' repeatedly hands him the ball when trying to make it in the end zone- it's a no-brainer because he gets the job done! I think it's great that everyone in Nashville got so excited about the game and took over with CODE BLUE MADNESS- they said on the news it was the 1st time in NFL football that a team had gotten everyone attending the game to participate (much like they do in college football, where they do a WHITE-OUT or a BLACK-OUT. Thanks for standing by our team- we've had a few rough recent years, but Jeff Fisher is a great coach... Now I'm anxiously awaiting the Jets game when Mr. Boy and I get to see the Titans live in action on LP Field taking on the famous Brett Favre. GO TITANS!!


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