Back and Better Than Ever!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Being a HUGE Britney Spears' fan, I can't help but to post her new video on my blog. "Womanizer" has to be one of my favorite videos that she has done, and it is directed by the same guy who also made "Toxic" and "Stronger" (you can see the resemblances). The version I have posted is also known as the "Director's Cut" and is a bit more racey than what you might be seeing on TV- she looks amazing and you can tell she's been busting her butt in the gym! I think it's safe to say this is her official comeback, and what a way to make an entrance. From its release only a mere 3 weeks ago, the single has already jumped from #96 on the Billboard chart to #1, and has the most downloads on iTunes from a female singer EVER. I am so happy to see that she is doing well- I have always been a huge Britney supporter and it's good to see that a happy-ending can come from all of the hard struggles she's dealt with these past few years in her personal life. It just goes to show you that with support from family and friends, you can overcome the hardships you face in life- yay Britney!
Now that the 1st single is out, I am counting down the days until her brand-new CD "Circus" comes out on December 2nd, which is coincidentally her mark your calendars now!

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