A Reunion of All Things UT

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This weekend we are venturing to my old stomping ground, Knoxville, for the highly anticipated UT versus Florida game. I have to admit, after what happened last year and how we've looked so far this season, I am a little skeptical of our boys and what they are capable of, but I am a die-hard UT fan and never give up hope. It's like when everyone doubts us, we tend to rise above the scrutiny and perform better than we ever thought, so I am keeping my fingers crossed in anticipation that my glass-half-full attitude will pull through and we'll come home Sunday with another victory under our belt.
This weekend is sure to be loads of fun, with another engagement party for Bev and Christian Friday night, and then bright and early Saturday morning, the beeshes will be up and at it for our fun-filled reunion tailgate! I can't wait to see all of my friends- now that we are all spread out across the South, we have a blast when we all get together, even though it isn't nearly often enough. Roy and I actually have tickets for the game (thanks to his dad's SEC networking abilities), so we'll be enjoying the sights and sounds in Neyland and I couldn't be happier. I have already told Roy we will be in our seats for pre-game festivities- because there really is NOTHING like being there in person when we form the "Power T" and play Rocky Top as the boys come running out.

I'll also have to say Good Luck to Auburn this weekend as they play LSU- College Gameday is going to be there for this showdown, and as much as I dislike both teams, I have to support Rory since he's venturing to Knoxville with me for the weekend =)

In other words, GO VOLS!


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