It's A Hard Knock Life

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Most of my friends will despise me after this post, but I am not trying to rub it in, I am simply trying to let people in the Nashville area know about a wonderful spa I visited yesterday, courtesy of work. Yes, I said work- the short story goes like this: it's been a very trying year for the Sales and Marketing Team here at R. W. Beck and the Nashville team (Jacqueline, Jennifer, and myself) saw the process through and decided to stay and wait it out hoping for a better resolution than what we previously had. Needless to say, our work didn't go unnoticed and our Director decided to reward us with a much-deserved (I say) spa package. So we ventured out to Escape Day Spa in Belle Meade for our afternoon/evening of fun!

We started off with the Custom Facial which included an evaluation, a thorough rinse, cleansing, collagen production facial, and hydration masque, then followed by stone massage- needless to say, it was amazing and I highly recommend this. The spa uses Skinceuticals which is a new skincare line, and a bit pricey, but completely worth it to me. My skin felt fresh and I could see a drastic difference in my skin after the treatment was complete.
Our next stop was the mani/pedi room- I chose the Indonesian Ginger pedicure which began with the eastern wellness tradition of cleansing your feet...This is used to restore balance in the feet as I soaked in a warm eucalyptus mineral bath. Next, I enjoyed an aromatherapy exfoliation with chakra balancing and stress reducing indonesian ginger scrub. Then I received a deep hydrating massage to ease tired muscles, increase circulation, and stimulate energy flow throughout the body...And last but not least she buffed and groomed my feet and finished it off with beautiful OPI polish.
By this time, we had worked up quite an appetite, so we were given dinner catered by Bread and Company. What I liked about the menu was that you could pick and choose what you wanted so I opted for mixed greens garden salad with the ever-popular honey pecan chicken salad on top (if you've never had this, you MUST try it!) And of course, what spa day is complete without a little wine in the mix, too =)
And we saved the best for last, hour-long massages. I decided that I've had a pretty stressful few months, so I chose the deep-tissue treatment including a penetrating massage to address tight muscle groups…which is proven to be highly beneficial for physical and mental stress reduction. And trust me, it worked. I've never been so relaxed in my life- it was hard for me to even make it home last night before falling asleep like a baby.
All this makes me realize that we get so caught up in the everyday hustle and bustle of our lives that we rarely take time for ourselves (me especially). So from now on, I have made a vow to treat myself every once in awhile because I deserve it and because it feels so good! So next time you're in Nashville and want a real treat, go to Escape Day Spa- I promise you won't be disappointed!!


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