The Olympics Are Here

Friday, August 8, 2008

I've been counting down the days for weeks now in anticipation of this exciting day... the Opening Ceremonies of the Summer Olympics (8.8.08)! The older I get, the more I have learned to appreciate the Olympics and just how important they are. It's a time for individual nations to put their differences aside, showcase their best athletes, and come together as one for all the world to see.

I do have to admit, however, that I am completely biased to the Summer Games... I'm especially looking forward to watching swimming (I'm waiting for Michael Phelps to earn his highly anticipated 8 gold medals), diving (just because it's entertaining), and of course, the highlight of it all for me, gymnastics. I have watched women's gymnastics since I was a child, and I still get that butterflies in my stomach feeling when the girls take the stage and show off. I love the Caroli's and the dynasty they have created in USA gymnastics and with this year's team I think we have a great chance of winning it all! Shawn Johnson is too adorable for words and I am keeping my fingers crossed for all of them to shine...
The Beijing National Stadium where the Opening Ceremonies will take place!

So tonight, I will join the billions of people around the world watching the very same thing- the choreographers of tonight's festivities have promised it will be incredible and something you don't want to miss! Beijing has been revamping their city for years in anticipation for these games and from everything I've already seen, I'm sure it is going to be one for the books!


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