A Quarter of A Century in the Making

Friday, July 18, 2008

So yes it's true, yesterday I turned the big 25 and didn't know how I'd feel to be quite honest. Everyone kept asking me if I felt different, and actually the more I thought about it- I do feel older, and MAYBE a little wiser =). But thanks to all my friends who poked fun at me, saying I'm officially in the 25-34 year old box (wow, that is CRAZY!), that the Alzheimer's might kick in any day, and how I'm officially MID-twenties, but on the contrary, I did find a list of everything fabulous about turning 25 so I thought I'd share...

Top 25 Things About Turning 25
1. Decrease in cost of car insurance. (YES! this is HUGE)
2. No more underage fees when renting a car. (thank the Lord for that!)
3. No longer have to party with 18-24 year olds at the club. (what if I want to?)
4. Perfect time to set up an annuity or another retirement fund (My 401K suits me just fine)
5. Officially grown (…somewhat).
6. Beginning a new phase of your life (hmmm- still contemplating this one)
7. Acquiring new wisdom (Oh yes, I feel smarter already!)
8. Learning new lessons (I try to learn something new at least 1 time everyday)
9. Realizing just how fly you are (did that really say FLY?)
10. PAARTY!!! (this saturday- watch out Nashville- me and 20 of my closest friends could spell T-R-O-U-B-L-E!)
11. Reminiscing about how you thought you were grown at 18, even 21 (oh the mistakes I have made)
12. Having the courage to somewhat talk back to parents/grandparents without fear of getting beat down (yeah right, they still know WAY more than me)
13. Having friends who are turning 25 (I can give them hell, too- haha, Bev you're next!)
14. Having friends who are 26 & older (they can get me through this traumatic time)
15. Developing your adult physique (I'm working at keeping it looking like the 18-24 year old physique-haha)
16. Seeing another day. (waking up is an accomplishment in itself and makes me happy with what God has given me)
17. Buying your own home—you are not too young to purchase a condo, townhouse or a multifamily space with units that you can live in and rent out. Real estate is a great way to invest your money, plus earn tax credits. (I'm working on this one)
18. Learning humility (that's a work in progress, but I'm getting better)
19. Finding the person you want to spend the next 25 years of your life with (…and the next 25 thereafter) I'm there =)
20. Becoming the type of person you want to be with (I'm happy with me and who I am)
21. Putting to use 25 years of life experience
22. Stepping out on faith
23. Celebrating this landmark occasion with your little one(s) (Dont have any of those just yet, but one day- let's say 30)
24. More PAARTY!!! (obviously the most important element!)
25. WHOLENESS: The sum of 25 (2+5) is 7. Seven is a spiritual number that symbolizes ‘perfect completeness.’ You have exactly what you need to be happy and claim your greatness!

Again, thanks to everyone who made my birthday so very special- it's nice to know I'm surrounded by people who love and care about me and that's the greatest birthday blessing I could ever receive! Love you all! OXOX

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