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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

This past weekend was one of my favorites of the year, celebrating Independence Day- not only do I love getting off from work to bask in the Summer Sum, but I love everything that comes along with America's Birthday: 1) Getting so excited about fireworks and driving to see them like a little kid, 2) Taking a "few days off" my diet so I can eat all my favorite things at numerous cookouts, and above all 3) having the opportunity to spend some extra free-time with my family and closest friends. Even though we in America all have our different viewpoints and opinions on the war, the presidential candidates, the state of the economy, and numerous other topics, we can put our differences aside and celebrate our great country- I Am Proud To Be An American!

So we celebrated the weekend with poolside fun, 4 different cookouts, the downtown Nashville fireworks, and the ever-popular Kenny Chesney and Keith Urban concert. It took all Sunday (and some of Monday, even though I was back at work) to recooperate from all the fun we had, but it was definitely worth it and can't wait to do it all over again next year!
Hurt, Meg, and I at Tin Roof After the Nashville Fireworks

Dance Party with Colby, Me, Meg, and Hurt at Tin Roof

At Our Tailgate for the Concert on Saturday- Me and Aubrey

Sammy Hagar (from Van Halen) Playing!

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