The More You Read, The More You'll Know

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

In order to continue to increase my knowledge and keep myself entertained with anything other than TV shows I tend to watchover over and over again, I recently made a conscience effort to read more. There, I said it. I do have to admit, sometimes I feel like a nerd as I settle in my bed early Monday through Thursday nights to read, but all in all, I sleep better, I am more relaxed, and I feel as though I have actually learned something (can you believe it?) instead of watching the never-ending drama on The Real World or the countless re-runs of Friends and Sex and the City.

It's not like I'm reading the biography of Gandhi or numerous financial books by Dave Ramsey (which I should be reading), but nevertheless I am making myself feel better and adding to my library and I couldn't be happier about spending my money on something other than a cute summer dress.

I recently read 2 books in 1 month- yes that has to be a record for me! Both by Emily Griffin, the first installment titled "Something Borrowed" is a story of friendship, betrayal, love, and life. It was a page-turner and I promise you'll root for the underdog just like I did. I actually read it not knowing what it was about, but since my recent life revolves around my friend's weddings, I thought it was perfectly fitting.

The second book "Something Blue" follows the same characters later on after the drama has unfolded and deals with pregnancy, finding out who you really are, love, and devotion. Both were equally exciting to read and I promise if you love girly books just as much as I do, you won't be disappointed.

After all this, maybe one day I'll move up the ranks and start my own book club like Oprah! Don't count on it, though =)

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