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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Not only am I an avid watcher of the Bravo series "Project Runway", but I can't help but to follow to show religiously- I cater my workouts and evening activities around this show on Wednesday nights. Lame, yes, but I don't care- I know they'll continuously show re-runs throughout the week, but I insist on making my schedule conform to this, as it is my favorite show. I think Heidi Klum does an amazing job - it's entertaining, educational, and so much fun to watch the designers, the judges, and most of all Tim Gunn! Sure there have been some "interesting characters" on previous seasons including the infamous Santino who mocked Tim all the time and wanted a date at Red Lobster, or last season's winner Christian with his "That's Fierce!" quotes, but I don't think I've ever seen so much diversity in the designers as what they selected this season. So here's the run-down on some of my favorites:

1. Stella AKA "Leatha": no background needed here- she is true NY rock n' roll and LOVES her leather- if you don't like it, she doesn't care and the best addition- in every challenge thus far, she has used tight ribbon to make her garments LACE UP- yes I said it and no we're not in the 80's anymore; what's even better is she makes fun of everyone else for their fashion, but clearly she has none- Heidi, Michael, and Nina need to get her out FAST, even though her accent is just too funny for words
2. Blayne AKA "Tanorexic": the funniest cast member this season in my opinion, he's toothpink thin and has already asked where a tanning bed is 3 or 4 times so far. He had Tim shouting "holla at cha boy!" and asking what the phrase means in the latest episode, which was too funny for words. He's had some interesting garments come down the runway, even something that resembled a diaper-romper motif , but yet he's still in the competition= I LOVE HIM!

3. Kelli AKA the one I want to win- in one word she is AMAZING... she is everything an incredible designer encompasses. She makes masterpieces and has already won a challenge (the 1st to be exact). She took burnt coffee filters and died vacuum bags with a spiral notebook and made a beautiful dress that completely looked wearable. She's fun, hip, innovative, diverse, and i think she is the one to beat! I have waited 2 seasons to see a woman win again (Chloe being the only one to ever do it) and i'm keeping my fingers crossed she pulls through because i am dying to see her collection at fashion week!!

Enough of my blabbering, I'm just constantly trying to increase the viewership for this show- so tune in Wednesday nights at 8PM and I promise you won't be disappointed AUF! YOU'RE OUT


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