It's FINALLY Coming Back!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

So it all started years ago in a little town we like to call Laguna Beach- I remember crowding around a TV on Monday nights to watch Stephen, LC, and Kristin duke it out with each other, but now like the kids of the OC, we've grown up and matured... or so we like to think! That's right, on August 18th, THE HILLS is back for its 4th season and I couldn't be more excited... just thinking about Meg and I singing "Unwritten" at the top of our lungs and not letting our boyfriends come over just so we can have quality bonding time makes me squeal with excitement =)
Sure some of you haters out there like to "pretend" that it's all scripted and the producers make all this drama unfold in front of eyes and yes, I agree, they definitely provoke some of the interactions, mishaps, and awkward run-ins between the awful, horrid Speidi and the fabulous LC, but I like to think this is their "real world" life, so please don't ruin it for me just yet.
Looks like this season will be just as exciting as the others with plenty of drama between the roommates (especially Lo and Audrina), new and exciting dates with HOT boys (go Whitney!), and the ever popular Stephanie added into the mix (my verdict is still out on her- how can you possibly be related to Spencer and not be insane?) But I'm not casting my vote on her quite yet... so tune in for what looks to be a very exciting fall with the ladies, and just for a tease, you can follow the link below to see the brand new trailer MTV released!


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