Steeplechase 2008...A Day of Fun!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

So I've been counting down the days until this event for months now- it's my favorite day of the year and I get so excited to get dressed up in pretty dresses and big hats. I'm not going to lie- I RARELY see a horse at the Iroquois Steeplechase, but to me, it's so much more than that. This is my 4th year to tailgate at the big event and we couldn't have asked for better weather and fabulous friends to join us. I had been getting everything organized for weeks on end, borrowing cornhole and tables and chairs and my parents awning for the special day and I think everything turned out well and we had a GREAT TIME!

We started getting up around 5:30am, so we could get there early- contrary to popular belief and everyone can make fun of me for this, but they all later thanked me that we didn't have to sit in traffic for hours on end like some people I know- we had our tailgate set-up by 9am, complete with plenty of drinks, jello shots, cornhole, homemade food, and music to get the day started right.
Our Tailgating Spot- Midfield #985

Then the crowds started coming in... the weather started off very cloudy, but as the day wore on, the sun came through and it turned out to be PERFECT! And I've got the sunburn on my shoulders to prove it unfortunately... But I got to see tond of friends I hadn't seen in what seems like ages, got to play some cornhole, ate some great food, and sampled some mighty tasy jello shots that we had made the night before (Rory did such a good job with them, but boy were they STOUT!!)

And here are some of the pictures we captured... lots of memories made and so now the countdown for next year starts!!

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