A Much Needed Vacation...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

We are FINALLY leaving for one of my favorite places in the world... Seaside! For those of you who have never been, you are truly missing out. I look forward to our long weekends in Seaside each year as this has become an annual tradition between our friends since the early years in college at UT. Not only am I fortunate to be able to go on these fabulous excursion to the beach, but even LUCKIER that my best friend's parents own a house there and let us rent it out practically whenever we please (pending they aren't down there basking in the warm Florida sun).

Their house is called "Art and Soul" and I've included a picture of it below... the cutest place ever filled with colorful and lively art from the Alcorn's personal collection they have purchased throughout the years. I love everything about their sweet home- the cool showers after a long day at the beach, the long dinner table where many family dinners and drinking games have been played, the doors that overlook the park in the middle of the Artist's District, and most of all, I love the top floor that overlooks all of Seaside and in my opinion, has one of the best views of this quaint little town. We have enjoyed so many memories in that house and I look forward to going there for years to come. I love Bob and Marie and they are so sweet to let us take it over from time to time =)

For those of you who have never been to Seaside, you are TRULY missing out... it's this little wonder in the middle of the Florida panhandle, half way between Destin and Panama City (about 30 minutes to each). What I love most about it is how family-oriented it is, it's quiet (until we arrive, at least), you can walk EVERYWHERE and don't have to worry about driving, there are cute little shops to wander through (especially Perspicacity- a sweet little open air store), and how could I forget about PICKLES- our favorite restaurant- it's nothing special I assure you, but the absolute best corn dogs, fried pickles, and sweet tea you could ever imagine. A trip to Seaside without eating there just isn't a trip at all. We have our normal daily routines of heading to the beach early and laying out all day, then cooking dinner together, and heading out to the ONE bar Bud and Alley's each night- think live bands that play the best vacation/beach songs, open air roof top deck with fun bartenders and lots of people our age just hanging out and enjoying their vacation away from the real world... I'm getting ancy just thinking about all the fun we're about to have on this girl's trip!

Included below are some pictures of our previous visits to our BEESH destination... ENJOY

So hasta la vista friends- we'll be back on Monday and Happy Memorial Day to everyone!

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